Turn Your App Traffic Into Money

A Complete End-to-End Solution for Mobile Traffic Monetization

Amplify your revenue with highest eCPM

Our programmatic ad buying algorithm automates the delivery of data-driven, targeted and relevant ads. Every media buyer and demand partner get involved at an auction to compete for ad space which optimizes ad space value and yields higher eCPM. We show ads with highest bids and best conversion first in order to maximize your overall revenue.

Choose the ad format that best fits your app

YaftaMobile ads come in different formats and sizes that comply with mobile IAB standards including banners and interstitials. Our ad unites are designed to deliver engaging ad experiences to your app users no matter in what vertical it is.

Integrate Into Your App Effortlessly

Embed YaftaMobile into your mobile app with a simple SDK. Integration is quick and as easy as adding a few lines of code.

import com.mustamara.yaftamobile.sdk.AdRequest;
import com.mustamara.yaftamobile.sdk.ads.banner.YaftaMobileBannerView;
public void onCreate(...) {

// Get reference to ad view object from XML layout, if needed. 
YaftaMobileBannerView  bannerView;
bannerView= (YaftaMobileBannerView)findViewById(R.id.bannerView);

//initialize the AdRequest 
AdRequest adRequest=new AdRequest();

// Fetch first Ad


Track your app's earnings performance

Get access to comprehensive reporting and analytics on your app revenue performance.

Get your payments on time

Get paid on time, every time. we offer payment via PayPal and Wire Transfer within the payout term of 45 days. You can earn even more for encouraging others to use our monetization platform via our Referral Program