What is YaftaMobile?
YaftaMobile is a Mobile Ad Platform that allows advertisers to reach millions of mobile users and promote their products by displaying ads on mobile apps .
How do i get started?
Simply Click Here to register and you are ready to start an advertising campaign.
What is the minimum amount to deposit my account?
The minimum deposit is very affordable, starting at just $25. Currently we accept deposits via PayPal and Credit cards.
Which bid types do you support?
We support both CPC and CPM models
What is the minimum bid price?
There is no minimum bid. However, always keep in mind that if your bid is too low, it’s possible that your campaign won’t get any traffic. Also, bids change significantly from one country to another. Because of that, we encourage you to start with a small bid and adjust it accordingly.
Which ad units do you offer?
At the moment, YaftaMobile offers Rich Text, Image Banners and Interstitials
Do you refund the unused account balance?
Yes. The unused account balance can be requested for refund within 30 days of its initial deposit.
What ad campaign targeting options are available?
You can target by mobile device, operating system, language, country and carrier
What is YaftaMobile?
YaftaMobile is a Mobile Ad Platform that allows publishers to earn revenue by displaying ads on their apps.
How do i get started?
All you need to do is to Click Here to register and integrate our SDK into your app. Once your app is approved, you will be ready to start earning revenue.
Which type of mobile app do you accept?
We accept almost any type of mobile app! But your app must comply with our Content Guidelines.
What sort of ads will be served on my app?
At the moment, YaftaMobile offers Text and Image Banners, Interstitials
How much do i get paid?
We work with our publishers on a revenue share basis, publishers receive up to 60% of revenue generated from their inventory.
When will i get paid?
YaftaMobile follows a 45-day payment schedule. YaftaMobile will pay you your revenue within 45 days after the end of the calendar month in which revenue was accrued. For example: publisher earnings in the month of January (January 1 – January 31) will be made in the middle of March.
How will i get paid?
You can choose between receiving your monthly earnings by PayPal, Wire Transfer.
What are the minimum payouts?
The minimum payouts are: $50 for paypal, $300 for wire transfer payments. You will not be paid until you reach your payment threshold. If your earnings are below the minimum payout, we will carry the earnings over to the following month.
Can i use other ad networks ads besides yours?
Absolutely! you can join the YaftaMobile Ad Network and run our ads alongside any other ad network. In addition, we also support mediation through AdMob