Find your next audience across the mobile

A Complete End-to-End Solution for Mobile Advertising

Take control of your Ad Campaign

In a few clicks, you can setup your campaign, set the audience target, upload your creatives and track ad performance. You can even make changes to your campaign and adjust your ad spending whenever you want. All via intuitive dashboard. Get up and running in minutes with our fully self-served platform.

Achieve your marketing objectives

Whether your goal is to boost your app downloads, drive more traffic to your website, or increase brand awareness, YaftaMobile offers the ad models you need that best suit your goal and budget.

Leverage multiple ad formats

YaftaMobile offers a wide variety of advertising units that were designed to provide a compelling and engaging user experience, and effective at helping you achieve your goals.

Rich Text

The most simple lightweight ad format. It consists of three promotional parts: headline text, description text, and logo image.


A banner ad is a rectangular static or animated graphic thats usually shown at the top or bottom of of the screen. Banner ads might refresh automatically at regular intervals.


Interstitial ads provide full-screen experiences that appear at transition points within the app flow. That is, for example, between levels of a game, or while loading content.

Find Your Most Valuable Audience

Our ad serving technology enables you to reach the audience you are aiming to attract and place your ads in front of the people who matter most to your business using a blend of powerful targeting options which eliminate ad spend waste and increase effectiveness.

  • OS
  • Country
  • Carrier
  • Device Model
  • Language

See how your ads are doing

Gain 360º insight with neatly organized analytics about your campaign''s performance including impressions, clicks and engagement rates (CTR), so you can understand how audiences interact with your ads and optimize your ad spend.