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Boost your revenues by leveraging your mobile traffic. Our mobile advertising platform is specifically designed to provide you with additional monetization opportunities and provide engaging, relevant ads directed specifically to your mobile users.

Seamless SDK Integration

YaftaMobile SDK integrates seamlessly into your App. Integration is quick and as easy as adding a few lines of code.YaftaMobile ads play on all major mobile devices and OS platforms, enabling publishers to monetize all their smartphone and tablet traffic regardless of device or OS.

import com.yaftamobile.sdk.AdRequest; import com.yaftamobile.sdk.ads.banner.YaftaMobileBannerView; ... public void onCreate(...) { ... // Get reference to ad view object from XML layout, if needed. YaftaMobileBannerView bannerView; bannerView= (YaftaMobileBannerView)findViewById(R.id.bannerView); //initialize the AdRequest AdRequest adRequest=new AdRequest(); // Fetch first Ad bannerView.requestAd(adRequest); ... }

Relevant Ads

To keep users coming back and to provide good user experiences, we show only quality ads to your users that provide real value and relevant to them.

Powerful Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analytics provides keen business insights into Customer Behaviors with Actionable Data

Timely Payout

Get paid on time, every time. we offer payment via PayPal and Bank Transfer within the payout term of 45 days.